HO Scale Model Railroad - DCC controls - CTC Fully Signaled with regular Operations 


Operational Model Railroad

Video Cab Ride on the Railroad 20 minutes .     

Pre-arranged Guest operators are welcome and Club groups schedules available.

OPs Schedule Posted - UPDATED  5/18/2024

Announcement:  Resuming of Monthly Operations:
Maximum  of  10  Operators.
4 hours of scheduled trains each session: Plus a pre- and post briefing.
for attending operators.

Must be willing to sign a statement you have agreed to attend the session with the other operators releasing all liabilities against the host or other guests.

Because of the close, closed space these requirements need to be met if we want to continue operations again.  We have all restrained our social gathering for the past years and at the present time this infectious virus is still present, so persistence needs to be continued.  Subject to change without notice