Operational Model Railroad


Superintendent Special Report:  07-27-1971 - Trains were re-crewed with the same crews after their wait for the electrical repairs were complete,  work thru the county continues and an increase in traffic was seen thru the division.  The road forman remained in the division to make sure the crews completed the job they had to leave after the loss of electrical switch control.  The billing agent mentioned the Titusville train failed to complete their  delivery forms so a delay in bill happened.  Dispatcher was able to catch Local 915 at Bonaventura before they left and had them move a car blocking Miller Dist. loading dock.  A new crew worked local 905 at Cocoa Yard and caused delays of trains thru the area.  Road Forman was able to help get traffic moving again.  An "Short Rail" award was given for his outstanding work as Dispatcher during the power loss on 6-22-1971

EOR 7-27-1971

Superintendent Special Report:  06-22-1971 - A severe Electrical failure in Brevard County today caused failure of trackside equipment.  All trains had to be stopped at their current locations and crews de-trained.  Maintenance crew was dispatched to resolve the problem as all switch controls stopped operating both locally and via dispatcher.  Due to the stop call all crews were housed at their location to re-crew their trains after repairs are completed.  Some relief crew members may need to be called as current crew not able to complete run.  Limited crew call on 7-27-71.   EOR 15:30

Superintendent Report:  05-16-71;  With relief crews from the SSR Convention the railroad moved freight and met all schedules.  A great group to crew the railroad. EOR

Superintendent Report:  04-20-71;  Billing agent reviewed days work found only minor problems.  Local 920 had the most issues spotted wrong car at Palm Bay and lost bill of laden at Melbourne sand had to re-issue.  311-312 had some lost time switching OUC power plant and put them on the law at Titusville.  Extra crew was sent to Staley to re-work and remove empty cars and returned to Bowden yard.  Regular yard crew was up to speed and kept yard moving.  Dispatch center has some delays with returning trains into Medley yard.  Engine failure at Titusville sent mechanical crew to repair tripped breaker on engine 2804 and returned to service, crew dispatched to return engine to yard. 18:30 EOR

Superintendent Report: 03-30-1971
Dispatcher On shift at 12:57; reviewed the operation and found the Yard met all schedules and welcomed a returning yardmaster Jane, who kept the yard moving smoothly.  Most all trains departed on schedule and crew shortage delayed others.  The Billing agent found many mistakes and it took some effort to release cars.  Bill of laden delivery forms were not completed so the customer could not unload the cars until cars were released by agent.  Yard switcher 905 with a new crew went on the law after 12 hours and did not complete the deliveries to Staley, Extra local had to be dispatched to deliver the 3 cars. 
Reported engine failures in the yard was repaired and couplers replaced on damaged equipment.  Only minor Diesel traction motor loading was found on older diesel and adjustments were made for next assignment – follow up report.
Dispatcher reported the following trains on division at end of shift, Train 119 at South Titusville Main, Train 117 at Pineda Main, and Train 228 at Palm Bay Main.  Dispatcher off shift at 04:33. EOR.​

​Superintendent Report: 01-17-1971
On shift report at 21:57:  Dispatcher assumed four trains on division:  Minor derailment at the throat to Cocoa Yard, yard crews assisted and re-railed car that continued on road freight.  Dispatcher reported 8 form 19 with signal problem at North Palm Bay and South Pineda.  Signal maintainers were dispatched and reported a faulty relay that wouldn’t reset at the Dispatchers panel.  A second derailment occurred at City Point found debris on track and re-railed axel and continued no major damage.

Local 915 from Bonaventura back to Cocoa yard reported wheel slippage on grade.  Track crew was dispatched and found a washout requiring the grade be adjusted to a more gradual incline.

Dispatcher reported terminus yards kept trains departing on time and arriving without any delays.  Yard Master and Trim hogger reported the new relief crews performed job with great continuity.  Dispatcher only one Extra left yard early to an industrial switch job.

Billing Agent only reported one tank car was not removed during shift at OUC power plant.  Dispatcher End of shift with 5 trains remaining on Division for next Dispatcher at 12:57. EOR:   Dispatchers Blog http://www.robertraymond.com/index.php/trains-worlds-in-miniature/1401-opslog--fec--2162019?fbclid=IwAR1HpQ-GFnKZXVvfIapsS9ufJzUFiVIugdjRTEdhJSjLFGWxJpucQCusiIY

Superintendent Bulletin 11/20/2018

Shorthanded crews conducted operations and maintained schedule.  The following trains were terminated, 335; 101; 202; 311.  The new dispatcher kept trains moving without slowdowns.  All freight was delivered and made the billing agent work limited.

Local 920 suffered a derailment and a tank car and caboose went to ground.  Hazmat was dispatched and trains were shoefly through the ABCO team track.  Operations issued a slow order through the area.  Clean up continued through the night and cars were re-tracked and spotted on the ABCO team track.  No damage or spill happened in the area.

Superintendent Bulletin 11/18/18

Superintendent, Road Foreman and Billing Agent, reviewed the results of 11/17/18 day of issues on the railroad.  Five trains went on the law, 107, 190, 210, 940 and 920.  Trains held for late departure from origin was 105, and 143.  Billing agent was called to Rinker in Eau Gallie (940), Rinker Bulk facility at City Point (336) to verify car numbers delivered so company could unload cars.  While at track side billing agent found Cars at ABCO, Cecil Tractor (Neeman team track), (920) not picked up.  Rinker Silo deliveries were early and caused excessive work for company unloading extra cars.  Cars delivered to Rinker Bulk storage failed to have waybill left with cars so billing agent had to duplicate the delivery waybill and list cars so Rinker could unload. New crew on train 920 caused much delays and caused penalties for late arrival and loss of bonus revenue. Train had to be re-crewed as train was left on the main at Pineda.  Train 930 left cars at City Point Staley’s team track failing to take to Titusville, delaying 905 causing train to move to Cidco Park switch to enter track work area. 

A run away engine caused minor damage and was released back into service.  Some other issues are being addressed as engines return to shops.  Track crew completed repairs at Neeman Team track before it caused any delay and righted all cars involved in the derailment.  Track issues in the yard at trim switches 3-4 is being worked and have found switch points not closing correctly.  The yardlets were able to keep well ahead of the trains departing and arriving due to the delays on the road.  Now a seasoned dispatcher Benita will get her certification from the agency.

The Road Foreman noticed the crews failed to read instruction on the work folder and did not pull full trains when leaving Cocoa Yard.  Currently 10 cars remain in Cocoa Yard that should have been removed and will cause extra work for next road crews arriving at Cocoa. End. 11/15/18