Operational Model Railroad


The 2019 Operations venue will have some changes

One of the early change is the schedule will be a 24 hour schedule with both Day and Night operations.   

The Day schedule will incorporate the full schedule with both regular trains and locals. 

The night schedule will complete any of the day schedule not full filled and move into night trains.

The night operations will be done under night lighting and will incorporate mainly mixed freights and unit trains and manifests.   Only limited switching will be done at night.

As the timetable moves through the 24 hour time  a sunrise and set will be enacted.  

Night trains will be consisted with unit blocking such as a tank train, or covered hopper train, off road cars moving north to Jacksonville and the Juice train moving south as an empty.  Through coal and rock trains will also be included and even the 335/ 336 unit train out of City Point will operate.  

A Yard switcher at Cocoa Yard may be included to keep the yard trimmed.

The Terminus Yard (Miami - Jacksonville) will build and classify trains for both day and night schedules.

The night schedule being limited to through trains may operate under a Timetable-Train Order schedule (Option)

Should the crew response be less than 8 operators the session will be cancelled and crews will be contacted by

e-mail or phone